The Mysterious Planet


Main Details
Premiere Date 1986-06-09
Alternative Titles
  • The Trial Of A Time Lord (English)
Category TV Episode
Director Nicholas Mallett
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Robert Holmes
Script Editor Eric Saward
Incidental Music Composer Dominic Glynn
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Colin Baker as The Doctor
Cast Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown
Cast Lynda Bellingham as The Inquisitor
Cast Michael Jayston as The Valeyard
Cast Tony Selby as Sabalom Glitz
Cast Joan Sims as Queen Katryca
Cast Glen Murphy as Dibber
Cast Tom Chadbon as Merdeen
Cast Roger Brierley as Drathro
Cast David Rodigan as Broken Tooth
Cast Adam Blackwood as Balazar
Cast Timothy Walker as Grell
Cast Billy McColl as Humker
Cast Sion Tudor Owen as Tandrell
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 23, Serial 1 (7C)
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