Main Details
Premiere Date 1989-09-06
Alternative Titles
  • Doctor Who: Battlefield (English)
Category TV Episode
Director Michael Kerrigan
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Ben Aaronovitch
Script Editor Andrew Cartmel
Incidental Music Composer Keff McCulloch
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
Cast Sophie Aldred as Ace
Cast Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Cast Angela Douglas as Doris
Cast Angela Bruce as Brigadier Winifred Bambera
Cast Robert Jezek as Sergeant Zbrigniev
Cast Dorota Kwiatkowska as Flight Lieutenant Lavel
Cast Paul Tomany as Major Husak
Cast Noel Collins as Pat Rawlinson
Cast June Bland as Elizabeth Rawlinson
Cast James Ellis as Peter Warmsly
Cast Ling Tai as Shou Yuing
Cast Jean Marsh as Morgaine
Cast Christopher Bowen as Mordred
Cast Marcus Gilbert as Ancelyn
Cast Marek Anton as The Destroyer
Cast Stefan Schwartz as Knight Commander


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