The Romans


Main Details
Premiere Date 1965-01-16
Category TV Episode
Director Christopher Barry
Producer Verity Lambert
Associate Producer Mervyn Pinfield
Writer Dennis Spooner
Incidental Music Composer Raymond Jones
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast William Hartnell as The Doctor
Cast Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright
Cast William Russell as Ian Chesterton
Cast Maureen O'Brien as Vicki
Cast Derek Francis as Nero
Cast Michael Peake as Tavius
Cast Brian Proudfoot as Tigellinus
Cast Kay Patrick as Poppaea Sabina
Cast Peter Diamond as Delos
Cast Derek Sydney as Sevcheria
Cast Nicholas Evans as Didius
Cast Barry Jackson as Ascaris
Cast Ann Tirard as Locusta
Cast Dennis Edwards as Centurion
Cast Margot Thomas as Stall Holder
Cast Edward Kelsey as Slave Buyer
Cast Bart Allison as Maximus Pettulian
Cast Dorothy-Rose Gribble as Woman Slave
Cast Gertan Klauber as Galley Master
Cast Ernest Jennings as Men In Market
Cast John Caesar as Men In Market
Cast Tony Lambden as Court Messenger
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 2, Serial 4 (M)

  • This story comprises of the individually titled episodes
  • The Slave Traders
  • All Roads Lead to Rome
  • Conspiracy
  • Inferno
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