The Daleks' Master Plan


Main Details
Premiere Date 1965-11-13
Category TV Episode
Director Douglas Camfield
Producer John Wiles
Writer Terry Nation
Writer Dennis Spooner
Script Editor Donald Tosh
Incidental Music Composer Tristram Cary
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast William Hartnell as The Doctor
Cast Peter Purves as Steven Taylor
Cast Adrienne Hill as Katarina
Cast Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom
Cast Peter Butterworth as The Monk
Cast Nicholas Courtney as Bret Vyon
Cast Brian Cant as Kert Gantry
Cast Kevin Stoney as Mavic Chen
Cast Maurice Browning as Karlton
Cast Julian Sherrier as Zephon
Cast Roy Evans as Trantis
Cast Bryan Mosley as Malpha / Prop Man
Cast Terence Woodfield as Celation
Cast Pamela Greer as Lizan
Cast Philip Anthony as Roald
Cast Douglas Sheldon as Kirksen
Cast Dallas Cavell as Bors
Cast Geoffrey Cheshire as Garge
Cast Roger Avon as Daxtar
Cast James Hall (3) as Borkar
Cast Bill Meilen as Froyn
Cast John Herrington as Rhynmal
Cast Robert Jewell as Dalek Operator
Cast Kevin Manser as Dalek Operator
Cast John Scott Martin as Dalek Operator
Cast Gerald Taylor as Dalek Operator
Voice Actor David Graham as Daleks
Voice Actor Peter Hawkins as Daleks
Cast Michael Guest as Interviewer
Cast Clifford Earl as Policemen
Cast Norman Mitchell as Policemen
Cast Malcolm Rogers as Policemen
Cast Kenneth Thornett as Policemen
Cast Reg Pritchard as Man in Mackintosh
Cast Sheila Dunn as Blossom Lefevre
Cast Leonard Grahame as Darcy Tranton
Cast Royston Tickner as Steinberger P. Green
Cast Mark Ross as Ingmar Knopf
Cast Conrad Monk as Assistant Director
Cast David James (2) as Arab Sheik
Cast Paula Topham as Vamp
Cast Robert G. Jewell* as Clown
Cast Albert Barrington as Professor Webster
Cast Steve Machin as Cameraman
Cast Roger Brierley as Trevor
Cast Bruce Wightman as Scott
Cast Jeffrey Isaac as Khepren
Cast Derek Ware as Tuthmos
Cast Walter Randall as Hyksos
Cast May Warden as Elderly Sara Kingdom
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 3, Serial 3 (V)

  • This story comprises of the individually titled episodes
  • The Nightmare Begins
  • Day Of Armageddon
  • Devil's Planet
  • The Traitors
  • Counter Plot
  • Coronas Of The Sun
  • The Feast Of Steven
  • Volcano
  • Golden Death
  • Escape Switch
  • The Abandoned Planet
  • Destruction Of Time
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