Silver Nemesis


Main Details
Premiere Date 1988-11-23
Category TV Episode
Director Chris Clough
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Kevin Clarke
Script Editor Andrew Cartmel
Incidental Music Composer Keff McCulloch
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
Cast Sophie Aldred as Ace
Cast Anton Diffring as De Flores
Cast Metin Yenal as Karl
Cast Fiona Walker as Lady Peinforte
Cast Gerard Murphy as Richard
Cast Leslie French as Mathematician
Cast Martyn Read as Security Guard
Cast Dolores Gray as Mrs Remington
Cast Chris Chering as Skinhead
Cast Symond Lawes as Skinhead
Cast David Banks as Cyber Leader
Cast Mark Hardy as Cyber Lieutenant
Cast Brian Orrell as Cyberman
Cast Courtney Pine as Jazz Quartet
Cast Adrian Read as Jazz Quartet
Cast Ernest Mothle as Jazz Quartet
Cast Frank Tontoh as Jazz Quartet
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 25, Serial 3 (7K)
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