Doctor Who And The Silurians


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970-12-31
Category TV Episode
Director Timothy Combe
Producer Barry Letts
Writer Malcolm Hulke
Script Editor Terrance Dicks
Incidental Music Composer Carey Blyton
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
Cast Caroline John as Elizabeth Shaw
Cast Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Cast Fulton Mackay as Dr Quinn
Cast Peter Miles as Dr Lawrence
Cast Ian Cunningham as Dr Meredith
Cast Norman Jones as Major Baker
Cast Thomasine Heiner as Miss Dawson
Cast Ian Talbot as Travis
Cast Geoffrey Palmer as Masters
Cast John Newman as Spencer
Cast Bill Matthews as Davis
Cast Roy Branigan as Roberts
Cast Gordon Richardson as Squire
Cast Nancie Jackson as Doris Squire
Cast Brendan Barry as Hospital Doctor
Cast Paul Darrow as Captain Hawkins
Cast Richard Steele as Sergeant Hart
Cast Alan Mason as Corporal Nutting
Cast Harry Swift as Private Robins
Cast Derek Pollitt as Private Wright
Cast Dave Carter as Old Silurian
Cast Nigel Johns as Young Silurian
Cast Pat Gorman as Silurian Scientist
Cast Dave Carter as Silurian
Cast Paul Barton as Silurian
Cast Simon Cain as Silurian
Cast John Churchill (2) as Silurian
Voice Actor Peter Halliday as Silurian
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 7, Serial 2 (BBB)
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