Planet Of The Daleks


Main Details
Premiere Date 1973-04-07
Category TV Episode
Director David Maloney
Producer Barry Letts
Writer Terry Nation
Script Editor Terrance Dicks
Incidental Music Composer Dudley Simpson
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
Cast Katy Manning as Jo Grant
Cast Prentis Hancock as Vaber
Cast Bernard Horsfall as Taron
Cast Tim Preece as Codal
Cast Jane How as Rebec
Cast Hilary Minster as Marat
Cast Alan Tucker as Latep
Cast John Scott Martin as Dalek Operator
Cast Murphy Grumbar as Dalek Operator
Cast Cy Town as Dalek Operator
Voice Actor Roy Skelton as Wester / Daleks
Voice Actor Michael Wisher as Daleks
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 10, Serial 4 (SSS)
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