The Two Doctors


Main Details
Premiere Date 1985-02-16
Category TV Episode
Director Peter Moffatt
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Robert Holmes
Script Editor Eric Saward
Incidental Music Composer Peter Howell (3)
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Colin Baker as The (Sixth) Doctor
Cast Patrick Troughton as The (Second) Doctor
Cast Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown
Cast Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon
Cast John Stratton as Shockeye
Cast Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene
Cast Laurence Payne as Dastari
Cast Nicholas Fawcett as Technician
Cast James Saxon as Oscar
Cast Carmen Gómez as Anita
Cast Aimée Delamain as Doña Arana
Cast Clinton Greyn as Stike
Cast Tim Raynham as Varl
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 22, Serial 4 (6W)
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