WWF: SummerSlam 1992


Main Details
Premiere Date 1992-08-29
Category Other
Production Company Titan Sports
Wrestler Animal*
Wrestler Beau Beverly*
Wrestler Blake Beverly*
Wrestler Bret Hart
Wrestler British Bulldog*
Wrestler Crush*
Wrestler Earthquake*
Wrestler Genius*
Wrestler Harvey Wippleman*
Wrestler Hawk*
Wrestler Irwin R. Schyster*
Wrestler Jimmy Hart
Wrestler Kamala
Wrestler Kim Chee*
Wrestler Nailz*
Wrestler Paul Bearer
Wrestler Paul Ellering
Wrestler Randy Savage
Wrestler Repo Man*
Wrestler Rick Martel
Wrestler Sensational Sherri*
Wrestler Shawn Michaels
Wrestler Ted DiBiase*
Wrestler Typhoon*
Wrestler Ultimate Warrior
Wrestler Undertaker*
Wrestler Virgil
Commentator Bobby Heenan
Commentator Vince McMahon
Interviewer Alfred Hayes (2)
Interviewer Gene Okerlund
Interviewer Sean Mooney
Ring Announcer Howard Finkel
Referee Danny Davis
Referee Earl Hebner
Referee Joey Marella
Referee Mike Chioda
Notes Tag Team Match
Money Inc. (Irwin R. Schyster & Ted DiBiase) (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Legion Of Doom (Animal & Hawk) (w/Paul Ellering)
Singles Match
Nailz vs. Virgil
Singles Match
Rick Martel vs. Shawn Michaels (w/Sensational Sherri)
WWF World Tag Team Title Match
Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) (c) vs. Beverly Brothers (Beau Beverly & Blake Beverly) (w/Genius)
Singles Match
Crush vs. Repo Man
WWF World Heavyweight Title Match
Randy Savage (c) vs. Ultimate Warrior
Singles Match
Kamala (w/Harvey Wippleman & Kim Chee) vs. Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Bret Hart (c) vs. British Bulldog


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