The Garden Party


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005-11-06
Alternative Titles
  • A kerti parti (Hungarian)
Category TV Episode
Director Anthony Bell
Co-Director Lesean Thomas
Written By Rodney Barnes
Written By Aaron McGruder
Created By Aaron McGruder
Voice Regina King as Huey Freeman / Riley Freeman
Voice John Witherspoon as Robert 'Granddad' Freeman
Voice Cedric Yarbrough as Civil Rights Protester
Voice Gary Anthony Williams as Uncle Ruckus
Voice Jill Talley as Rich Partygoers
Voice Gabby Soleil as Jazmine Dubois
Voice Edward Asner as Ed Wuncler
Voice Charlie Murphy as Ed Wuncler III
Voice Sam McMurray as Rich Partygoers
Voice John DiMaggio as Rich Partygoers
Voice Billy West as Guard / Priest
Voice Aaron McGruder as Young Granddad
Voice Carl Jones as Civil Rights Protester
Voice Dawnn Lewis as Civil Rights Protester
Notes Episode 1 of Season 1 of The Boondocks.


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