Donkey Kong Country


Main Details
Premiere Date 1991-01-08
Category TV Show / TV Series
Voice Actor Richard Yearwood as Donkey Kong
Voice Actor Andrew Sabistion as Diddy Kong
Voice Actor Donald Burda as Bluster
Voice Actor Aron Tager as Cranky Kong
Voice Actor Benedict Campbell as King K. Rool
Voice Actor Joy Tanner as Candy Kong
Voice Actor Adrian Truss as General Klump
Voice Actor Damon D'Oliveira as Funky Kong
Voice Actor Len Carlson as Krusha
Voice Actor Lawrence Bayne as Kritter
Voice Actor Rick Jones as Polly Rodger
Voice Actor Ron Rubin as Kaptain Skurvy
Voice Actor Stevie Vallance as Dixie Kong
Voice Actor Dagmar Buse as Big Ban Bongo
Directed By Mike Fallows as Mike Fallows (Directed 1 Episode)
Written By Shigeru Miyamoto
Written By Erika Strobel
Written By Nadine Van Der Velde
Written By Peter Sauder
Written By Bob Ardiel
Written By Dale Schott
Written By Richard Elliot
Written By Simon Racioppa
Written By Terry Saltsman
Written By Kevin Bayliss
Written By Gregg Mayles
Written By Steve Mayles
Executive Producer Michael Hirsch
Executive Producer Dale A. Andrews
Produced By Patricia R. Burns
Produced By Stephen Hodgins
Executive Producer Patrick Loubert
Executive Producer Gérard Mital
Executive Producer Jacques Peyrache
Executive Producer Clive Smith
Produced By Maia Tubiana
Music By Pure West
Notes Each episode follows the life of Donkey Kong, his sidekick Diddy Kong, and all of his friends. Most episodes revolve around the main villain of the series, King K. Rool, trying to find a way to steal the most valuable object on the island, the Crystal Coconut.


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