Enter Magneto


Main Details
Premiere Date 1992-11-27
Category TV Episode
Writer Jim Carlson
Writer Terrence McDonnell
Voice Actor Cedric Smith as Professor Charles Xavier
Voice Actor Cathal J. Dodd as Wolverine / Logan
Voice Actor Norm Spencer as Cyclops / Scott Summers
Voice Actor Iona Morris as Storm / Ororo Munroe
Voice Actor George Buza as Beast / Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy
Cast Alyson Court as Jubilee / Jubilation Lee
Voice Actor Len Carlson as Senator Robert Kelly
Voice Actor David Hemblen as Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr
Voice Actor Don Francks as Sabretooth / Victor Creed
Notes X-Men: The Animated Series
- Season 1, Episode 3

As the Beast waits for his arraignment in court in front of an anti-mutant public, Magneto tries to break Beast out of jail, only to receive resistance from Beast.


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