WWE: Hall Of Fame 2010


Main Details
Premiere Date 2010-03-27
Category Other
Production Company World Wrestling Entertainment
Presenter Jerry Lawler
Inductee Ted DiBiase Sr.
Inducting Ted DiBiase Sr. Brett DiBiase
Inducting Ted DiBiase Sr. Ted DiBiase Jr.
Inductee Antonio Inoki
Inducting Antonio Inoki Stan Hansen
Inductee Wendi Richter
Inducting Wendi Richter Roddy Piper
Inductee Maurice Vachon
Inducting Maurice Vachon Pat Patterson
Inductee Stu Hart
Inducting Stu Hart Bret Hart
Celebrity Inductee Bob Uecker
Inducting Bob Uecker Dick Ebersol
Notes The WWE hall of fame 2010 features the wrestlers getting inducted into the hall of fame.

It includes the gretest momentsof his/her carrer as well as other accolades.


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