El Caníbal


Main Details
Premiere Date 1980-12-05
Alternative Titles
  • Manhunter - O Seqüestro (Brazil)
  • Секс с канибали (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title))
  • The Devil Hunter (Europe (English title))
  • Chasseur de l'enfer (France)
  • Chasseurs d'hommes (France (alternative title))
  • Sexo-Canibale (France (premiere title))
  • To anurwpokynhghto (Greece (video title))
  • Il cacciatore di uomini (Italy)
  • The Devil Hunter (Norway)
  • O Raptor (Portugal)
  • Дьявольский охотник (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • Сексуальный каннибал (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • Sexo Caníbal (Spain)
  • Jakten Pa Kidnapparna (Sweden (video title))
  • Sexo Cannibal (USA (video title))
  • El cazador de hombre (Venezuela (premiere title))
  • Jungfrau unter Kannibalen (West Germany)
  • Devil Hunter (World-wide (English title))
  • The Man Hunter (World-wide (English title) (alternative title))
Category Feature Film
Director Clifford Brown*
Writer (Story) Julius Valery*
Writer (Screenplay) Julius Valery*
Writer (Screenplay) Clifford Brown*
Cast Ursula Fellner* as Laura Crawford
Cast Al Cliver as Peter Weston
Cast Robert Foster* as Jack
Cast Antonio de Cabo* as Thomas
Cast Burt Altman* as The Devil
Cast Gisela Hahn as Jane
Cast Victoria Adams* as Girl On Yacht
Cast Werner Pochath as Chris
Cast Leonardo Costa* as Pablito
Cast Lynn Mess* as Cannibal Priestess
Cast Claude Boisson as Cannibal Chief
Cast Tibi Costa
Cast Óscar Cortina
Cast Ana Paula
Cast Russel Case as Jack / Peter (voice) (uncredited)
Producer Julián Esteban Gómez*
Associate Producer Daniel Lesoeur
Co-Producer Karl Spiehs
Music Jess Franco*
Cinematographer Juan Soler
Film Editor Nicole Guettard
Film Editor Federico Vich
Art Director Pierre Chevalier
Set Decoration Pierre Chevalier
Make-up Artist Guillermina Guerrero
Production Manager Joaquín Domínguez
Assistant Director Jean-Pierre Ducroux
Assistant Director Rosa Maria Almiral*
Special Effects Manuel Archilla
Special Effects Antonio Molina
Camera Operator Luis Dura Colombo*
Camera Operator Ángel Ordiales
Camera Operator Gerard Singer
Assembler Nicole Guettard
Production Company Eurociné
Production Company J.E. Films (Julian Esteban Films)
Production Company Lisa-Film
Distributor CineHollywood (CH) as (1981) (Italy) (theatrical)
Notes A Vietnam veteran heads to an island inhabited by cannibals to save a kidnapped model not only from her kidnappers, but also from the cannibals' lurking Devil god.


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