Main Details
Premiere Date 1962-06-13
Category Feature Film
Directed By Stanley Kubrick
Screenplay Vladimir Nabokov
Novel Vladimir Nabokov
Actor James Mason as Prof. Humbert Humbert
Actor Shelley Winters as Charlotte Haze
Actor Sue Lyon as Lolita
Actor Peter Sellers as Clare Quilty
Actor Gary Cockrell as Richard T. Schiller
Notes Humbert Humbert forces a confrontation with a man, whose name he has just recently learned, in this man's home. The events that led to this standoff began four years earlier. Middle aged Humbert, a European, arrives in the United States where he has secured at job at Beardsley College in Beardsley, Ohio as a Professor of French Literature. Before he begins his post in the fall, he decides to spend the summer in the resort town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire. He is given the name of Charlotte Haze as someone who is renting a room in her home for the summer. He finds that Charlotte, widowed now for seven years, is a woman who puts on airs. Among the demonstration of those airs is throwing around the name of Clare Quilty, a television and stage script writer, who came to speak at her women's club meeting and who she implies is now a friend. Those airs also mask being lonely, especially as she is a sexually aggressive and liberated woman. Humbert considers Charlotte a proverbial "joke" but ...


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