Una ondata di piacere


Main Details
Premiere Date 1975-08-04
Alternative Titles
  • A Wave Of Pleasure (English)
  • Waves of Lust (English - USA)
  • Himon Aallot (Finnish)
  • Волна желания (Russian)
Category Feature Film
Director Ruggero Deodato
Story Gianlorenzo Battaglia
Story Lamberto Bava
Screenplay Franco Bottari
Screenplay Fabio Pittorru
Cast Al Cliver
Cast Silvia Dionisio
Cast John Steiner
Cast Elizabeth Turner
Producer Alberto Marras
Producer Vincenzo Salviani
Music Marcello Giombini
Cinematographer Mario Capriotti
Film Editor Mario Gargiulo
Production Designer Franco Bottari
Production Company T.D.L. Cinematografica
Distributor Overseas Film Company
Notes A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht moored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, games, sex games, betrayal, spouse abuse, and murder.


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