Wyrd Sisters


Main Details
Premiere Date 1997-05-18
Alternative Titles
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld: Wyrd Sisters (English (long title))
Category TV Show / TV Series
Directed by, Producer Jean Flynn
Written by Terry Pratchett
Voice Jane Horrocks as Magrat
Voice June Whitfield as Nanny Ogg
Voice Annette Crosbie as Granny Weatherwax
Voice Eleanor Bron as Duchess Felmet
Voice Les Dennis as The Fool / Tomjon
Voice Jimmy Hibbert as King Verence I
Voice Rob Rackstraw as Duke Felmet
Voice Christopher Lee as Death
Executive Producer Mark Hall
Music by Phil Bush
Music by Keith Hopwood
Animation Director John Offord
Production Company Cosgrove Hall Films
Notes A motley trio of hardworking witches get mixed up in a royal mess when a murdered king's baby is entrusted to their care.


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