The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe


Main Details
Premiere Date 2011-12-25
Category TV Episode
Director Farren Blackburn
Producer Marcus Wilson
Executive Producer Steven Moffat
Executive Producer Piers Wenger
Executive Producer Caroline Skinner
Writer Steven Moffat
Music Murray Gold
Production Company BBC Cymru Wales
Cast Matt Smith as The Doctor
Cast Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Cast Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams
Cast Claire Skinner as Madge Arwell
Cast Maurice Cole as Cyril Arwell
Cast Holly Earl as Lily Arwell
Cast Alexander Armstrong as Reg Arwell
Cast Sam Stockman as Co-Pilot
Cast Bill Bailey as Droxil
Cast Paul Bazely as Ven-Garr
Cast Arabella Weir as Billis
Cast Spencer Wilding as Wooden King
Cast Paul Kasey as Wooden Queen
Notes Doctor Who
  • Special
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