They Call Me Mister Tibbs


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970
Alternative Titles
  • Appelez-moi Monsieur Tibbs (French)
  • Omicidio Al Neon Per L'ispettore Tibbs (Italian)
  • Zoku-Yoru No Dai Sôsa-sen (Japanese)
  • Chamam-me Mr. Tibbs (Portuguese)
  • Ahora Me Llaman Sr. Tibbs (Spanish)
  • Zehn Stunden Zeit Für Virgil Tibbs (German)
  • They Call Me Mister Tibbs! ( UK ) (English)
Category Feature Film
Director Gordon Douglas
Assistant Rusty Meek as Assistant Director
Subject Alan R. Trustman*
Screenplay Alan R. Trustman*
Screenplay James R. Webb
Producer Herbert Hirschman
Executive Producer Walter Mirisch
Production Company The Mirisch Corporation
Director Of Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman
Film Editor Bud Molin
Art Director Addison Hehr
Creator Mark Reedall as Make-up
Sound Robert Martin (2)
Music Quincy Jones
Starring Sidney Poitier as Inspector Virgil Tibbs
Starring Martin Landau as Logan Sharpe
Actress Barbara McNair as Valerie Tibbs
Actor Anthony Zerbe as Rice Weedon
Actor Edward Asner as Woody Garfield
Actor Jeff Corey as Captain Marden
Actress Norma Crane as Marge Garfield
Actor Juano Hernandez as Mealie Williamson
Actor David Sheiner as Lieutenant Kenner
Actress Beverly Todd as Puff
Actor Ted Gehring as Sergeant Deutsch
Actress Linda Towne as Joy Sturges
Actor Garry Walberg as Medical Examiner
Actor George Spell as Andy Tibbs
Actress Wanda Spell as Ginger Tibbs
Actor John Alvin as Bearded Reporter At Logan Sharpe HQ ( Uncredited )
Actor Michael L. Davis as Police Sergeant At Campaign HQ ( Uncredited )
Actor Dick Dial as Carson ( Uncredited )
Actor Mickey Golden as Pool Player ( Uncredited )
Actor Don Hanmer as Pusher ( Uncredited )
Actor Hilly Hicks as Freddie ( Uncredited )
Actor John Hillerman as Reporter ( Uncredited )
Actor Henry Leff as Reporter ( Uncredited )
Actor Erick Vinther as Cameraman ( Uncredited )
Actor Al White as Spectator Outside Church ( Uncredited )


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