The Second Hundred Years


Main Details
Premiere Date 1927-10-08
Alternative Titles
  • The Second 100 Years (English)
  • Les For├žats Du Pinceau (French)
  • 200 Ans De Prison (French)
Category Short Film
Director Fred Guiol
Producer Hal Roach
Writer Leo McCarey
Writer H.M. Walker
Cinematographer George Stevens
Editor Richard C. Currier
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Cast Stan Laurel as Little Goofy
Cast Oliver Hardy as Big Goofy
Cast Charlie Hall as Convict
Cast James Finlayson as Gov. Browne Van Dyke
Cast Otto Fries as Lecoque
Cast Rosemary Theby as Dinner Guest
Cast Ellinor Vanderveer as Countess de Cognac
Cast Dorothy Coburn as Flapper
Cast Tiny Sandford as Guard
Cast William Gillespie
Cast Frank Brownlee as Prison Warden
Cast Edgar Dearing as Officer
Cast Charles A. Bachman as Officer
Cast Bob O'Conor as Voitrex
Cast Eugene Pallette as Dinner Guest


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