Perfect Day


Main Details
Premiere Date 1929-08-10
Alternative Titles
  • Joyeux pique-nique (French)
Category Short Film
Director James Parrott
Producer Hal Roach
Writer Leo McCarey
Writer Hal Roach
Writer H.M. Walker
Music William Axt
Music Leroy Shield
Cinematographer Art Lloyd
Cinematographer George Stevens
Editor Richard C. Currier
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Cast Stan Laurel as Stan
Cast Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Cast Edgar Kennedy as Uncle Edgar
Cast Kay Deslys as Mrs. Hardy
Cast Isabelle Keith as Mrs. Laurel
Cast Baldwin Cooke as Irate Neighbor
Cast Lyle Tayo as Irate Neighbor's Wife
Cast Harry Bernard as Neighbor Across The Street
Cast Clara Guiol as Wife Of Neighbor Across The Street
Cast Charley Rogers as Minister


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