Main Details
Premiere Date 1984-08-31
Alternative Titles
  • C.H.U.D. - A Cidade das Sombras (Portuguese)
  • C.H.U.D. (Caníbales Humanoides Ululantes Demoníacos) (Spanish)
  • C.H.U.D. - New Yorkin alamaailma (Finnish)
  • Τρόμος Κάτω από την Πόλη (Greek)
  • К.Г.П.О. (Russian)
  • CHUD (Simplified Search)
Category Feature Film
Director Douglas Creek
Screenplay Parnell Hall
Story Shepard Abbott
Writer (Uncredited) Christopher Curry
Writer (Uncredited) Daniel Stern
Cast John Herd as George Cooper
Cast Daniel Stern as A.J. 'The Reverend' Shepherd
Cast Christopher Curry as Captain Bosch
Cast Kim Greist as Lauren Daniels
Cast Laure Mattos as Flora Bosch
Cast Brenda Currin as Francine the Landlady
Cast Justin Hall as Justin
Cast Michael O'Hare as Fuller
Cast Cordis Heard as Officer Sanderson
Cast Vic Polizos as Hays
Cast Eddie Jones as Chief O'Brien
Cast Sam McMurray as Officer Crespi
Cast Frank Adu as Interrogation Cop
Cast Ruth Maleczech as Mrs. Monroe
Cast J.C. Quinn as Murphy
Cast Patricia Richardson as Ad Woman
Cast Raymond Baker* as Ad Man
Cast Beverly Bentley as Doris
Cast Graham Beckel as Val
Cast Gene O'Neill as Jackson
Cast Rocco Siclari as Hugo
Cast William Joseph Raymond* as Victor
Cast Peter Michael Goetz as Gramps
Cast Shana Lee Farrell as Cindy
Cast John Ramsey as Commissioner
Cast George Martin (2) as Wilson
Cast John Bedford-Lloyd* as Shadow Man
Cast Henry Yuk as Coroner
Cast Robert Toupin as Benson
Cast Frankie R. Faison* as Sgt. Parker
Cast Ivar Brogger as Gooney NRC Man
Cast Parnell Hall as Judson
Cast John Goodman as Cop in Diner
Cast Jay Thomas as Cop in Diner
Cast Hallie Foote as Waitress
Cast Jon Polito as Newscaster
Cast Mark Mikulski as Cop at Wrecked Diner
Cast Lou Leccese as CHUD
Cast Sanford Clark as CHUD
Cast James Dudley as CHUD
Cast Carey Eidel as CHUD
Cast Dan Campbell as Frightened Spectator (Uncredited)
Cast Kelly Nichols as Frightened Spectator (Uncredited)
Cast Jan Saint as Bum in the Street (Uncredited)
Executive Producer Larry Abrams
Producer Andrew Bonime
Associate Producer Thomas H. Field as Bonime Associates
Associate Producer Alfonso Tafoya
Music Cooper Hughes*
Director of Photography Peter Stein
Editor Claire Simpson
Casting Bonnie Timmermann
Production Design William Bilowit
Art Direction Jorge Luis Toro
Costume Design Jennifer Lax
Special Makeup Creator John Caglione Jr.
Special Makeup Crew John Cuervo
Special Makeup Crew Doug Drexler
Special Makeup Crew George Engel
Additional Special Makeup Effects Artist Ed French
Hairstylist Susan Giammusso
Makeup Artist Susan Giammusso
Makeup Animatronics Kevin Haney
Special Makeup Crew David Smith*
Assistant Makeup Artist (Uncredited) Michael Maddi
In Charge of Production Robert Bordiga
Assistant Production Manager Jack Briggs
First Assistant Director Lewis Gould
DGA Trainee Barbara Ravis*
Second Assistant Director Stephen Wertimer
Art Assistant Leslie Binswanger
Special Prop Construction William De Paolo*
Carpenter Dan Duffy
Electronic Props Darryl Ferrucci
Construction Coordinator Ed Fountain
Inside Props Robert Franco*
Carpenter John Gohorel


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