It Follows


Main Details
Premiere Date 2015-03-27
Category Feature Film
Director David Robert Mitchell
Actor Maika Monroe as Jay Height
Actor Keir Gilchrist as Paul
Actor Daniel Zovatto as Greg Hannigan
Actor Jake Weary as Hugh / Jeff
Actor Olivia Luccardi as Yara
Actor Lili Sepe as Kelly Height
Casting By Mark Bennett
Costume Designer Kimberly Leitz-McCauley
Special Make-up Effects Produced By Robert Kurtzman
Original Music By Disasterpeace
Edited By Julio C. Perez IV
Production Designer Michael T. Perry
Director Of Photography Michael Gioulakis
Executive Producer Frederick W. Green
Executive Producer Joshua Astrachan
Executive Producer P. Jennifer Dana
Executive Producer Jeff Schlossman
Executive Producer Bill Wallwork
Executive Producer Alan Pao
Executive Producer Corey Large
Executive Producer Mia Chang
Produced By Rebecca Green
Produced By Laura D. Smith
Produced By David Robert Mitchell
Produced By David Kaplan
Produced By Erik Rommesmo
Written By David Robert Mitchell


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