Morgan, il pirata


Main Details
Premiere Date 1960-11-17
Alternative Titles
  • Morgan, the Pirate (English)
  • Capitaine Morgan (French)
  • Der Hai der 7 Meere - König der Seeräuber (German)
  • Det sorte flag (Danish)
  • Morgan el pirata (Spanish)
  • De Koning der Boekaniers (Dutch)
Category Feature Film
Director André De Toth
Director Primo Zeglio
Writer (Screenplay) Filippo Sanjust
Writer (Screenplay) André De Toth
Actor Steve Reeves as Henry Morgan
Actor Valérie Lagrange as Dona Inez
Actor Ivo Garrani as Governor Don José Guzman
Actor Lidia Alfonsi* as Dona Maria
Actor Giulio Bosetti as Sir Thomas Modyford
Actor George Ardisson as Walter
Notes Purchased as a slave in the Panama market by the Dona Inez, daughter of the Spanish Governor, Welshman Sir Henry Morgan soon finds himself in love with the young woman. Soon after however he commandeers the ship transporting him and other slaves and soon they are the scourge of Caribbean looting and attacking the mighty Spanish Empire. The pirates soon find themselves acting under the authority of the English and Morgan has only one goal: to attack and take control of Panama.


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