Genesis Of The Daleks


Main Details
Premiere Date 1975-03-08
Category TV Episode
Director David Maloney
Producer Philip Hinchcliffe
Writer Terry Nation
Script Editor Robert Holmes
Incidental Music Composer Dudley Simpson
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Tom Baker as The Doctor
Cast Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan
Cast Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
Cast Harriet Philpin as Bettan
Cast John Scott Martin as Dalek Operator
Cast Cy Town as Dalek Operator
Cast Keith Ashley as Dalek Operator
Voice Actor Roy Skelton as Dalek
Cast Michael Wisher as Davros
Cast Jeremy Chandler as Gerrill
Cast Dennis Chinnery as Gharman
Cast Peter Mantle as Kaled Guard
Cast Richard Reeves as Kaled Leader
Cast Tom Georgeson as Kavell
Cast Andrew Johns as Kravos
Cast Ivor Roberts as Mogran
Cast Peter Miles as Nyder
Cast Guy Siner as Ravon
Cast James Garbutt as Ronson
Cast Stephen Yardley as Sevrin
Cast Drew Wood (2) as Tane
Cast Max Faulkner as Thal Guard
Cast Michael Lynch as Thal Politician
Cast Pat Gorman as Thal Soldier
Cast Hilary Minster as Thal Soldier
Cast John Gleeson as Thal Soldier
Cast John Franklyn-Robbins as Time Lord
Assistant Floor Manager Karilyn Collier
Costumes Barbara Kidd
Designer David Spode
Film Cameraman Elmer Cossey
Film Editor Larry Toft
Make-Up Sylvia James
Production Assistant Rosemary Crowson
Production Unit Manager George Gallacio
Special Sounds Dick Mills
Studio Lighting Duncan Brown
Studio Sound Tony Millier
Visual Effects Peter Day
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 12, Serial 4 (4E)

  • The fourth serial of Season 12 of Doctor Who. Originally aired 8 March 1975 to 12 April 1975 on BBC1 in the United Kingdom. Comprised of six episodes.


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