MDA – Second Chance


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005
Category TV Show / TV Series
Actor Sigrid Thornton
Actor Shane Bourne
Notes Every argument has two sides... but does the right one always win?

In times of trouble, it is the case managers at Medical Defence Australia (MDA) who are a doctor's best friend; dedicated and often passionate in their defence of those practitioners accused of wrongdoing. Opposing them are the lawyers determined to win the best deal for their clients - those patients accusing their doctors of negligence. Between them stand some challenging cases where guilt, innocence, responsibility and acceptable medical practices are in dispute. This is the drama of MDA.

Spanning over 4 episodes Second Chance begins with the charismatic, brilliant geneticist, Professor Robyn Masterson (special guest star Sigrid Thornton) approaches MDA to obtain indemnity for a daring medical experiment. Bill 'Happy' Henderson (Shane Bourne), who is in the middle of a personal crisis, seems to fall completely under her spell and begins to question his work at MDA. But does Robyn have something to hide?


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