Vares: Sheriffi


Main Details
Premiere Date 2015-01-07
Alternative Titles
  • Vares: The Sheriff (English)
Category Feature Film
Director Hannu Salonen
Starring Antti Reini as Jussi Vares
Starring Jukka Puotila as Sylvi
Starring Jukka-Pekka Palo as Kalle Shostakovitsh
Starring Jasper Pääkkönen as Kyypakkaus
Starring Karoliina Blackburn as Milla
Starring Jarmo Perälä as Seppo Räihä
Starring Konsta Mäkelä as Martti Susimaa
Starring Miska Kaukonen as Pekka Koskenlaskija
Starring Robert Enckell as Niilo Rantala
Starring Ilkka Heiskanen as Markku Hautavainio
Starring Hannele Laaksonen as Kreetta Valkama
Starring Mikko Kouki as Janne Ruuhio
Starring Eppu Salminen as Juhani Luusalmi
Starring Matti Onnismaa as Pastori Alanen
Producer Markus Selin
Producer Jukka Helle
Notes Private Eye Jussi Vares finds two dead bodies in a remote house. A year later, Vares is hired to investigate the case. Vares gets dangerously close to the "Council" - a secret gentlemen's club, the head of which is "The Sheriff". To the members of the Council, human life is cheap. The identity of the Sheriff is revealed - but will he face justice for his crimes in a court of law? Will these evil deeds go unpunished.


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