The Boogey Man


Main Details
Premiere Date 1980-11-07
Alternative Titles
  • The Boogeyman (English)
  • Boogeyman (English)
  • The Bogey Man (English)
  • Satanás, el reflejo del mal (Spanish)
  • Mirror: Chi vive in quello specchio? (Italian)
  • Boogeyman - Djävulsspegeln (Swedish)
  • Бугимен (Russian)
  • Spectre (French)
Category Feature Film
Director Ulli Lommel
Screenplay Ulli Lommel
Screenplay Suzanna Love
Screenplay David Herschel
Cast Suzanna Love as Lacey
Cast Ron James as Jake
Cast John Carradine as Dr. Warren
Cast Nicholas Love as Willy
Cast Raymond Boyden as Kevin
Cast Felicite Morgan as Aunt Helen
Cast Bill Rayburn as Uncle Ernest
Cast Llewelyn Thomas as Father Reilly
Cast Jay Wright as Young Willy
Cast Natasha Schiano as Young Lacey
Cast Gillian Gordon as Lacey and Willy's Mother
Cast Howard Grant as The Lover
Cast Jane Pratt as Jane
Cast Lucinda Ziesing as Susan
Cast David Swim as Timmy
Cast Katie Casey as Teenager
Cast Ernest Meier as Teenager
Cast Charles David Richards as Teenager
Cast Claudia Porcelli as Teenager
Cast Catherine Tambini as Katy


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