Bad Boy Bubby


Main Details
Premiere Date 1993-09
Alternative Titles
  • Bubby, el chico malo (Argentinian)
  • Rosszcsont Bubby (Hungarian)
  • Непослушный Бабби (Russian)
Director Rolf De Heer
Writer Rolf De Heer
Cast Nicholas Hope as Bubby
Cast Claire Benito as Mam
Cast Ralph Cotterill as Pop
Cast Syd Brisbane as Yobbo
Cast Nikki Price as Screaming Woman
Cast Ullie Birve as Robbed Woman
Cast Audine Leith as Fondled Salvo
Cast Natalie Carr as Cherie the Salvo
Cast Lucia Mastrantone as Pizza Waitress
Cast Carmel Johnson as Angel
Cast Jip De Heer as Treelopper
Cast James Ammitzboll as Little
Cast Grant Piro as Salesman
Cast Celine O'Leary as Woman in Mercedes
Cast Dave Flannagan as Cop / Warder
Cast Paul Philpot as Paul (band - singer)
Cast Todd Telford as Little Greg (band - keyboards)
Cast Paul Simpson as Big Greg (band - drummer)
Cast Stephen Smooker as Middle Greg (band - bass)
Cast Peter Monaghan as Steve (band - guitarist)
Cast Mark Brouggy as Mark (band - roadie)
Cast James Bonifazio as Young Man
Cast Emma West as Violinist
Cast Bruce Gilbert as Dan
Cast Michael Habib as Cop #2
Cast Alan Holy as Cop #3
Cast Betty Sumner-Lovett as Gayle
Cast Nellie Egan as Vicki
Cast Michael Constantinou as The Animal
Cast Alec Talbot as Prison Superintendent
Cast Norman Kaye as The Scientist
Cast Michelle O'Regan as Fondled Woman
Cast Gordon Poole as Penniless Drunk
Cast Jamie Nicolai as Number One Fan
Cast Pandy Tsimboulis as Pandy
Cast Rachael Huddy as Rachael
Cast Maryla Galus as Maryla
Cast Janet Kanda as Janet
Cast Heather Slattery as Heather
Cast Fille Dusselee as Shannon
Cast Stephanie Cooper as Sharon
Cast Bridget Walters as Angel's Mother
Cast Graham Duckett as Angel's Father
Cast Andy McPhee as Yobbo #2


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