Les Chinois A Paris


Main Details
Premiere Date 1974-02-28
Category Feature Film
Director Jean Yanne
Producer Jean Yanne
Producer Jean-Pierre Rassam
Writer (Novel) Robert Beauvais
Screenplay Robert Beauvais
Screenplay Jean Yanne
Screenplay Gérard Sire
Dialogue Jean Yanne
Director Of Photography Jean Boffety
Decors Jacques Dugied
Music Michel Magne
Actor Jean Yanne
Actor Michel Serrault
Actor Bernard Blier
Actress Nicole Calfan
Actress Macha Méril
Actor Georges Wilson
Actor Kyôzô Nagatsuka
Actor Jacques François
Actor Fernand Ledoux
Actor Paul Préboist
Actor Daniel Prévost
Actor Paul Mercey
Actor Lawrence Riesner
Actor Michel Delahaye
Actor Jean-Michel Desjeunes
Actor Robert Favart
Actor Fernand Berset
Actor Yves Barsacq
Actor Jean-Louis Maury


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