Main Details
Premiere Date 1995-03-06
Alternative Titles
  • Outbreak - Lautlose Killer (German)
  • Estallido (Spanish)
  • L'Épidémie (French (Canada))
Category Feature Film
Director Wolfgang Petersen
Director of Photography Michael Ballhaus
Writer (Screenplay) Laurence Dworet
Writer (Screenplay) Robert Roy Pool
Co-Producer Stephen Joel Brown
Co-Producer Nana Greenwald
Co-Producer Sanford Panitch
Executive Producer Duncan Henderson
Executive Producer Anne Kopelson
Producer Gail Katz
Producer Arnold Kopelson
Producer Wolfgang Petersen
Music By James Newton Howard
Starring Dustin Hoffman as Sam Daniels
Starring Rene Russo as Robby Keough
Starring Morgan Freeman as General Billy Ford
Starring Kevin Spacey as Casey Schuler
Starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as Major Salt
Starring Donald Sutherland as General Donald McClintock
Starring Patrick Dempsey as Jimbo Scott
Starring Zakes Mokae as Dr. Benjamin Iwabi
Starring Malick Bowens as Dr. Raswani
Starring Susan Lee Hoffman as Dr. Lisa Aronson
Starring Benito Martinez as Dr. Julio Ruiz
Starring Bruce Jarchow as Dr. Mascelli
Starring Leland Hayward III as Henry Seward
Starring Daniel Chodos as Rudy Alvarez
Starring Dale Dye as Colonel Briggs
Starring Kara Keough as Kate Jeffries
Starring Gina Menza as Mrs. Jeffries
Starring Per Didrik Fasmer as Mr. Jeffries
Starring Michelle Joyner as Sherry Mauldin
Starring Donald Forrest as Mack Mauldin
Starring Julie Pierce as Erica Mauldin
Starring Tim Ransom as Tommy Hull
Starring Michelle M. Miller as Darla Hull
Starring Matthew Saks as Sergeant Wolf
Starring Diana Bellamy as Mrs. Pananides
Starring Larry Hine as Young McClintock
Starring Nickolas H. Marshall as Young Ford
Starring Kellie Overbey as Alice
Starring Dana Andersen as Corinne
Starring Patricia Place as Mrs. Foote
Starring Jenna Byrne as Tracy
Starring Brian Reddy as Tracy's Father
Starring Ina Romeo as Mrs. Logan
Starring Teresa Velarde as Nurse Emma
Starring Jane Jenkins as Nurse Jane
Starring Kurt Boesen as Mayor Gaddis


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