Shanghai Knights


Main Details
Premiere Date 2002-02-07
Alternative Titles
  • 贖金之王2:皇廷激戰 (Chinese)
  • Οι Ιππότες Της Σανγκάης (Greek)
Category Feature Film
Director David Dobkin
Producer Roger Birnbaum
Producer Gary Barber
Producer Jonathan Glickman
Writer Alfred Gough
Writer Miles Millar
Music Randy Edelman
Cinematographer Adrian Biddle
Editor Malcolm Campbell
Production Company Touchstone Pictures
Production Company Spyglass Entertainment
Distributor Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Cast Jackie Chan as Chon Wang / "John Wayne"
Cast Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon / "Roy Rogers"
Cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Charlie Chaplin
Cast Tom Fisher as Arthur "Artie" Doyle
Cast Aidan Gillen as Lord Nelson Rathbone
Cast Fann Wong as Chon Lin
Cast Donnie Yen as Wu Chow
Cast Oliver Cotton as Jack the Ripper
Cast Kim Chan as Chon Wang and Chon Lin's Father
Cast Gemma Jones as Queen Victoria
Cast Tom Wu as Lead Boxer Liu
Cast Kelly-Marie Kerr as Clara
Cast Constantine Gregory as Mayor of New York City
Cast Ray Donn as Chinese Villager
Cast Barbara Nedeljáková as Debutante
Cast Anna-Louise Plowman as Debutante
Cast Georgina Chapman as Debutante
Cast Daisy Beaumont as Cigarette Girl
Cast Alison King as Prostitute


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