Snoopy, Come Home


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972-08-09
Category Feature Film
Director Bill Melendez
Written By, Creator Charles M. Schulz
Presents Cinema Center Films
Distributor National General Pictures
Production Company Lee Mendelson Film Productions
Production Company Bill Melendez Productions
Production Company Sopwith Productions
Production Company United Feature Syndicate (UFS)
In Association With Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates
Voice Actor Chad Webber as Charlie Brown
Voice Actor Robin Kohn as Lucy van Pelt
Voice Actor Stephen Shea as Linus van Pelt
Voice Actor David Carey as Schroeder
Voice Actor Johanna Baer as Lila
Voice Actor Hilary Momberger as Sally Brown
Voice Actor Christopher DeFaria as Peppermint Patty (credited as Chris De Faria)
Voice Actor Linda Ercoli as Clara
Voice Actor Lynda Mendelson as Frieda (credited as Linda Mendelson)
Voice Actor Bill Melendez as Snoopy / Woodstock


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