The Caves Of Androzani


Main Details
Premiere Date 1984-04-08
Category TV Episode
Director Graeme Harper
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Robert Holmes
Script Editor Eric Saward
Incidental Music Composer Roger Limb
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Peter Davison as The Doctor
Cast Colin Baker as The Doctor
Cast Nicola Bryant as Peri
Cast Christopher Gable as Sharaz Jek
Cast John Normington as Morgus
Cast Barbara Kinghorn as Timmin
Cast David Neal as The President
Cast Maurice Roëves as Stotz
Cast Roy Holder as Krelper
Cast Martin Cochrane as Chellak
Cast Robert Glenister as Salateen
Cast Ian Staples as Soldier
Cast Anthony Ainley as The Master
Cast Matthew Waterhouse as Adric
Cast Sarah Sutton as Nyssa
Cast Janet Fielding as Tegan
Cast Mark Strickson as Turlough
Voice Actor Gerald Flood as Kamelion
Notes Doctor Who
- Season 21, Serial 6 (6R)


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