Pilot (Rick And Morty)


Main Details
Premiere Date 2013-12-02
Category TV Episode
Created By Justin Roiland
Created By Dan Harmon
Director Justin Roiland
Written By Dan Harmon
Written By Justin Roiland
Voice Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez / Morty Smith / Greebybobe / Green Alien / Blob Alien
Voice Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
Voice Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith
Voice Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith
Voice Eric Bauza as Customs Gromflomite / Glen the Gromflomite
Voice Dan Harmon as Davin / Red Alien / Gromflomite Guard
Voice Phil Hendrie as Principal Vagina
Voice Brandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold
Voice Ryan Ridley as Frank Palicky / Tom
Voice Kari Wahlgren as Jessica / Rick's Computer / Customs Announcement
Notes Episode 1, Season 1 of Rick and Morty


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