La Polizia Chiede Aiuto


Main Details
Premiere Date 1974
Alternative Titles
  • What Have They Done To Your Daughters? ( USA ) (English)
  • The Police Want Help (English (Italian Translated))
  • La Lame Infernale (French)
  • Corrupción De Menores (Spanish)
  • Der Tod Trägt Schwarzes Leder (German)
Category Feature Film
Directed By, Screenplay By Massimo Dallamano
Assistant Mimmola Girosi as Assistant Director
Story By, Screenplay By Ettore Sanzò
Producer Roberto Infascelli
Production Company Primex Italiana
Director Of Photography Franco Delli Colli
Film Editor Antonio Siciliano
Art Director Franco Bottari
Sound Nick Alexander
Music By Stelvio Cipriani
Starring Giovanna Ralli as Judge Vittoria Stori
Starring Claudio Cassinelli as Police Commissioner Silvestri
Starring Mario Adorf as Police Commissioner Valentini
Starring Franco Fabrizi as Bruno Paglia
Actor Farley Granger as Mr. Polvesi
Actress Marina Berti as Mrs. Polvesi
Actor Paolo Turco as Marcello Tosti
Actor Corrado Gaipa as Public Prosecutor
Actress Micaela Pignatelli as Rosa, Secretary Of Ruggero Talenti
Actor Ferdinando Murolo as Sgt. Giardina
Actor Salvatore Puntillo as Agent Napoli
Actress Eleonora Morana as Polvesi's Housemaid
Actress Cheryl Lee Buchanan* as Silvia Polvesi
Actress Roberta Paladini as Patrizia Valentini
Actor Luigi Antonio Guerra as Reporter
Actress Renata Moar as Laura Bollero
Actress Adriana Falco as Giuliana Bigi
Actress Clara Zovianoff as Mrs. Talenti
Actor Leonardo Severini as Agent Russo
Actor Lorenzo Piani as Reporter
Actor Bruno Alias as Cop / Reporter ( Uncredited )
Actor Giancarlo Badessi as Paglia's Lawyer ( Uncredited )
Actor Francesco D'Adda as Doctor ( Uncredited )
Actor Attilio Dottesio as Coroner ( Uncredited )
Actor Giuseppe Marrocco as Police Officer ( Uncredited )
Actor Luciano Zanussi as Police Officer ( Uncredited )
Actor Steffen Zacharias as Prof. Beltrame ( Uncredited )
Actor Antonio Anelli as Reporter ( Uncredited )
Actress Anna Manduchi as Nurse ( Uncredited )
Notes The movie was shot in Brescia and surrounding ( Lombardy ) plus a few scenes in Rome.

During the making of the film some pornographic scenes was shot, probably by Dallamano himself, designed for foreign markets but never actually used. ( from the 2017 italian book "Il Cinema Giallo-thriller Italianio" by Claudio Bartolini )

Third in a series of cross-genre Giallo/Poliziotteschi type films. after:
1. La Polizia Ringrazia, aka: Execution Squad (1972)
2. La Polizia Sta A Guardere, aka: The Great Kidnapping (1973)


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