La Vittima Designata


Main Details
Premiere Date 1971
Alternative Titles
  • The Designated Victim (English)
  • Slam Out (English (Video))
  • Der Todesengel (German)
  • Murder by Design (Dutch)
  • La Víctima Designada (Spanish)
Category Feature Film
Directed By Maurizio Lucidi
Assistant Aldo Lado as Assistant Director
Assistant Nello Vanin as Assistant Director
Assistant Angelo Zemella as Assistant Director
Subject Maurizio Lucidi
Subject Aldo Lado
Subject Augusto Caminito
Subject Antonio Troisio
Screenplay Fulvio Gicca Palli
Produced By Vico Pavoni
Production Company P.C.E. Produzioni Cinematografiche Europee
Director Of Photography Aldo Tonti
Film Editor Alessandro Lucidi
Production Designer Enrico Sabbatini
Creator Enrico Sabbatini as Costume Design
Creator Oretta Melaranci as Make-up
Sound Alessandro Sarandrea
Original Music By Luis Enriquez Bacalov*
Performer (Group) New Trolls
Performer (Main Theme Sung By) Tomas Milian
Starring Tomas Milian as Stefano Augenti
Starring Pierre Clémenti as Count Matteo Tiepolo
Actress Katia Christine as Fabienne Béranger
Actor Luigi Casellato as Commissario Finzi
Actress Marisa Bartoli as Luisa Augenti
Actor Ottavio Alessi as Balsamo
Actress Sandra Cardini* as Cristina Müller
Actor Enzo Tarascio as Del Bosco
Actor Bruno Boschetti as Augenti's Butler ( Maggiordomo )
Actor Giuseppe Alotta as Deputy Commissioner ( Vice Commissario )
Actress Carla Mancini
Actress Renée Lorena as German Stranded at the Airport
Actor Vittorio Pinelli as Airport Pay Park Attendant
Notes The subject of the film is freely inspired by the movie "Strangers on a Train" ( 1951 ) by Alfred Hitchcock.

The movie was shot in the following locations : Rome ( the opening credits of the film and the police station room ), Milan ( Pirelli skyscraper, the city center and the cemetery "Monumentale" ),
Venice and on the lake of Como, not far away from Milan.

The music score is composed by Luis Enriquez Bacalov and performed in collaboration with the band New Trolls. The band are also seen in two scenes during the film. The music in the film score is different recordings to the New Trolls album "Concerto Grosso" which also doubles as the soundtrack album.


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