Can't Buy Me Love


Main Details
Premiere Date 1987-08-14
Category Feature Film
Directed By Steve Rash
Produced By Thom Mount
Written By Michael Swerdlick
Distributor Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Presents Touchstone Pictures
In Association With Silver Screen Partners III
Production Company Apollo Pictures
Production Company The Mount Company
Actor Patrick Dempsey as Ronald Miller
Actress Amanda Peterson as Cindy Mancini
Actress Tina Caspary as Barbara
Actor Seth Green as Chuckie Miller
Actor Cort McCown as Quint
Actor Courtney Gains as Kenneth Wurman
Actress Darcy DeMoss as Patty
Actress Sharon Farrell as Mrs. Mancini
Actor Dennis Dugan as David Miller
Actress Cloyce Morrow as Judy Miller
Actress Ami Dolenz as Fran
Actress Devin DeVasquez as Iris
Actor Eric Bruskotter as Big John
Actor Gerardo Mejía as Ricky


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