La Nuit Des Étoiles Filantes


Main Details
Premiere Date 1973-11-15
Alternative Titles
  • El infierno de los sentidos (Argentina (video box title))
  • Christina chez les morts vivants (France (alternative title))
  • Christina, princesse de l'érotisme (France (soft porn version))
  • Une vierge chez les morts-vivants (France)
  • Das Grauen von Schloss Montserrat (Germany (DVD title))
  • Christina - Prinzessin der Lust (Germany (DVD title))
  • Mia parthena gia tous zontanous - nekrous (Greece (video title))
  • Gli zombi cannibali (Italy (video box title))
  • I desideri erotici di Christine (Italy)
  • Una vergine tra i morti viventi (Italy (recut version))
  • Dziewica wsród zywych trupów (Poland)
  • Uma Virgem entre os Mortos-Vivos (Portugal (literal translation of working title))
  • Девственница среди живых мертвецов (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • La noche de las estrellas fugaces (Spain (working title))
  • Virgen entre los muertos vivientes (Spain (DVD title))
  • Los sueños eróticos de Christina (Spain)
  • Una virgen en casa de los muertos vivientes (Spain (video box title))
  • Zombie 4: A Virgin Among the Living Dead (USA (video box title))
  • Among the Living Dead (USA (video title))
  • Eine Jungfrau in den Krallen von Zombies (West Germany)
  • A Virgin Among the Living Dead (World-wide (English title))
Category Feature Film
Director Jess Franco*
Director (Additional Sequences) Pierre Quérut as (uncredited)
Director (Additional Sequences) Jean Rollin as (uncredited)
Writer Jess Franco*
Writer (French Dialogue) Paul D'Ales
Cast Cristine von Blanc* as Christina Benton
Cast Britt Nickols* as Carmencé
Cast Rosa Palomar as Aunt Abigail
Cast Anne Libert as The Queen Of The Night
Cast Howard Vernon as Uncle Howard
Cast Jesus Manera* as Basilio
Cast Paul Muller as Ernesto Pablo Reiner, Christina's Father
Cast Alice Arno as Princess Of Eroticism (uncredited)
Cast Wal Davis as Garden Orgy (added scene) (uncredited)
Cast Antônio do Cabo as Notary (uncredited)
Cast Nicole Guettard as Female Doctor (uncredited)
Cast Linda Hastreiter as Blind Girl (uncredited)
Cast Rose Kiekens as (uncredited)
Cast France Nicolas as Garden Orgy (added scene) (uncredited)
Cast Pierre Taylou as Garden Orgy (added scene) (uncredited)
Associate Producer Robert de Nesle
Producer Marius Lesoeur
Producer Karl Heinz Mannchen
Music Bruno Nicolai
Cinematographer J. Climent*
Film Editor P. Belair*
Make-up Artist Elisenda Villeneuve*
Production Manager Karl Heinz Mannchen
Special Effects Bruno Nicolai
Conductor Bruno Nicolai
Notes Following the death of her father, a young girl visits her estranged family at their sinister castle in the countryside, and comes to realize her eccentric and morbid relatives are not quite alive.


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