The Bohemian Girl


Main Details
Premiere Date 1936-02-14
Alternative Titles
  • Laurel & Hardy - Das Mädel aus dem Böhmerwald (German)
  • Dick und Doof werden Papa (German)
  • La Bohémienne (French)
Category Feature Film
Director James W. Horne
Director Charley Rogers
Producer Stan Laurel
Producer Hal Roach
Writer Frank Butler
Music Robert Shayon
Music Nathaniel Shilkret
Cinematographer Francis Corby
Cinematographer Art Lloyd
Editor Bert Jordan
Editor Louis McManus
Production Company Hal Roach Studios
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Cast Stan Laurel as Stan
Cast Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Cast Jacqueline Wells* as Adult Arline
Cast Darla Hood as Child Arline
Cast Mae Busch as Mrs. Hardy
Cast Antonio Moreno as Devilshoof
Cast William P. Carleton as Count Of Arnheim
Cast James Finlayson as Finn
Cast Zeffie Tilbury as Old Gypsy Queen
Cast Mitchell Lewis as Salinas
Cast Harry Bowen as The Drunkard
Cast Sam Lufkin as The Innkeeper
Cast Eddie Borden as The Nobleman
Cast James C. Morton as The Officer Who Arrests The Nobleman
Cast Harry Bernard as Bell Ringer
Cast Thelma Todd as Singer Of "Heart Of A Gypsy"
Cast Felix Knight as Singer Of "Then You'll Remember Me"
Cast Winter Hall as Servant
Cast Howard C. Hickman as Dignified Captain


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