Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972-12-29
Alternative Titles
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God (English)
  • Aguirre, la Ira de Dios (Spanish)
  • Αγγίρε, Η Μάστιγα Του Θεού (Greek)
  • Aguirre Furore Di Dio (Italian)
  • Aguirre, La Colère De Dieu (French)
  • Aguirre: Kami No Ikari (Japanese)
  • Aguirre, A Cólera De Deus (Portuguese)
Category Feature Film
Director Werner Herzog
Assistant Gustavo Cerff Arbulú as Assistant Director
Writer (Screenplay) Werner Herzog
Producer Werner Herzog
Producer Hans Prescher
Producer Lucki Stipetic
Co-Producer Daniel Camino
Production Company Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
Production Company Hessischer Rundfunk
Cinematography Thomas Mauch
Film Editor Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
Creator Juvenal Herrera as Special Effects
Creator Miguel Vázquez as Special Effects
Sound Herbert Prasch
Music Popol Vuh
Starring Klaus Kinski as Don Lope De Aguirre
Actress Helena Rojo as Inez De Atienza
Actor Del Negro as Brother Gaspar De Carvajal
Actor Ruy Guerra as Don Pedro De Ursua
Actor Peter Berling as Don Fernando De Guzman
Actress Cecilia Rivera as Florés, Aguirre's Daughter
Actor Daniel Ades as Perucho
Actor Edward Roland as Okello
Actor Armando Polanah as Armando
Actor Alejandro Repullés as Gonzalo Pizarro
Notes The film was made for US$370,000, with one-third of the budget paying for Kinski's salary. It was filmed on location in the Peruvian rainforest, Machu Picchu (the stone steps of Huayna Picchu), and on the Amazon River tributaries of the Ucayali region. Aguirre was shot in five weeks ( January / February 1972 ), following nine months of pre-production planning. The film was shot in chronological order, because Herzog believed the film crew's progress on the river directly mirrored that of the explorers' journey in the story. The director and his cast and crew floated in rafts down the Huallaga and Nanay rivers through the Urubamba Valley in Peru ( from Wikipedia )


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