Un Gatto Nel Cervello


Main Details
Premiere Date 1990-08-08
Alternative Titles
  • A Cat in the Brain (English)
  • Cat in the Brain (English Video)
  • Nightmare Concert (English American)
  • Кошмарный Концерт (Russian)
  • Un Gatto Nel Cervello (I Volti Del Terrore) (Italian Screen Title)
Category Feature Film
Directed By, Screenplay By Lucio Fulci
Screenplay By Giovanni Simonelli
Screenplay By (With Collaboration From) Antonio Tentori
Produced By Antonio Lucidi
Produced By Luigi Nannerini
Starring Lucio Fulci as Dr. Lucio Fulci
Starring David L. Thompson as Professor Egon Swharz
Starring Malisa Longo as Katya Swharz
Starring Shilett Angel as Filippo the Producer
Starring Jeoffrey Kennedy as Inspector Gabriele Vanni
Starring Paola Cozzo as Nurse Lilly
Starring Ria Di Simone
Starring (And With) Brett Halsey
Music By Fabio Frizzi


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