Barbara Bouchet

  • Born: (Reichenberg, Sudetenland, Germany [now Liberec, Czech Republic])

Barbara Bouchet, pseudonym of Bärbel Gutscher, is an Italian naturalized German actress.

She decided to embark on a film career and move to Hollywood by changing her German name to the best pronounced, and Frenchizing, Barbara Bouchet. In the following decade she worked for US film and television and, in 1967, she also appeared in an episode of the second season of the original Star Trek series, With Any Name, in the part of the alien Kelinda.

In the early seventies she returned to Europe becoming, thanks to her attractiveness, one of the most appreciated actresses of the first generation of the sexy Italian comedy. She often appeared on the covers of newborn soft-erotic magazines such as Playmen Italia, which were soon followed by television appearances.


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