Dalila Di Lazzaro

  • Born: (Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy)

Dalila Di Lazzaro, also known under the pseudonym of Dalila Di Lamar, is a former Italian model, film actress and writer.

After being definitively launched by Alberto Lattuada as main actress in the film, Oh, Serafina! (1976), also thanks to her haughty beauty, Di Lazzaro will be chosen and hired later, essentially for the role of femme fatale, shooting more than thirty films and several television fiction as a whole, thus becoming a protagonist of Italian cinema of the years seventy, eighty and ninety. He also shot films in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In 1991 her son Christian died of a road accident at 22 years of age, a tragedy that proves her strongly. In the following years she will also be subject to a form of chronic physical pain, following a motorcycle accident that will cause her to fracture the atlas, the first vertebra of the neck, forcing her to remain motionless in bed, lying and convalescent for a long time. This injury will result in a long setback in her acting career.

In addition to writing and cinema, Dalila Di Lazzaro is engaged in initiatives for social purposes: during the Milan Fashion Week of 2011, an event organized by the Camera della Moda, she was appointed responsible for the so-called "anti-anorexia sentinels", having the purpose of monitoring the models and of reporting pathological or risk cases to the Milan Department of Health. She is also a supporter of adoptions by unmarried parents.


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