Ludovico Peregrini

  • Born: (Como, Lombardy, Italy)

Ludovico Peregrini is an Italian television author and television personality.

For almost forty years Mike Bongiorno wanted him as a television author and also as a judge, in particular since the Order of Notaries forbade members of the register to appear on television. He is nicknamed "Mr. No".

Peregrini has been the author of many television programs, Mike's quizzes for Rai, Rischiatutto, Scommettiamo ?, Flash for Fininvest I sogni nel cassetto, Bis (and his special version for VIP, Superbis), Superflash, Pentathlon, Telemike (in who was the interpreter of the acronym), La ruota della fortuna, Tutti x uno, Telemania, the two editions of Allegria! and Tutti in allegria and together with Davide Tortorella he collaborated on programs including: Bravo bravissimo, Genius and Il meglio.


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