Renata Mauro

  • Born: (Italy)
  • Died: (Italy)

Renata Mauro, stage name of Renata Maraolo (May 17, 1934 Milan, Lombardy, Italy - March 28, 2009 Biella, Piedmont, Italy), was an Italian singer, TV presenter, actress and soubrette, active mainly between the fifties and sixties.

She chose the surname Mauro as a pseudonym for entertainment purposes and between the late fifties and the early sixties he interpreted some films for cinema and variety for television.

Remembered for being the one who announced with Mike Bongiorno to the public of the 1967 Sanremo Song Contest the news of the death of Luigi Tenco, as presenter of the RAI - Radiotelevisione italiana presented, in addition to the Sanremo Song Contest, the Eurovision Song Contest 1965, held for the first time in Italy, from Naples. From 1967 to 1970 he also presented Giochi senza frontiere with Enzo Tortora and Giulio Marchetti.


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