Umberto Balsamo

  • Born: (Catania, Sicily, Italy)

Umberto Rosario Balsamo is an Italian singer-songwriter.

In 1963 he settled in Milan, where he took his first steps in the musical environment by collaborating for a couple of years with the affirmed lyricist Luciano Beretta.

Two of the best known songs born from this collaboration are La prima lettera d'amore written in 1966 for Orietta Berti, and Vita (recorded in 1967 by Iva Zanicchi) as the side b of the 45 rpm of Non pensare me, winning that year in Sanremo.

In 1975, the Catania singer-songwriter wrote and recorded Natalì, competing for Un disco per l'estate, a song that was subjected to a censorship by Rai due to the theme dealt with (the love triangle).

While in Italy the song goes unnoticed, many versions are made abroad, performed, in different languages, by different artists. In 1976 Balsamo offered to Mina the song The Blue Angel, which he wrote together with Cristiano Malgioglio. Rejected by the Cremonese singer, the song becomes one of Balsamo's greatest hits.

1979 is the year of Balla, the most well-known song by the Catania artist, who, despite the doubts of Phonogram, with his tarantella rhythm conquers the public and sells more than a million copies.


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