Gaetano Lama

  • Born: (Naples, Campania, Italy)
  • Died: (Naples, Campania, Italy) age 64

Gaetano Lama was an Italian composer.

From 1910 he worked at the La Canzonetta publishing house, founded in 1904 by Francesco Feola and Giuseppe Capolongo, and directed, from 1917 to 1923, by the poet Libero Bovio, with whom he had a particularly fruitful collaboration, creating masterpieces such as Canzone 'e surdate (1915), Reginella (1917), 'A serenata (1917), Cara piccina! (1917), 'O mare canta (1919) and Silenzio cantatore (1922).

He also composed songs in Italian with the poet Adolfo Genise: L'addio del bersagliere (1915), La patria è salva (1916), Canta il soldatin (1917), Come le rose (1918), Tic-tì-tic-tà (1920, played for the first time by Elvira Donnarumma at the Bellini Theater), Giroflè giroflà (1923), Stornellata fiorentina (1928) and T'aspetto a Napoli (1936).


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