Dori Ghezzi

  • Born: (Lentate sul Seveso, Monza Brianza, Lombardy, Italy)

Dori Ghezzi is an Italian singer.
She became known in the sixties thanks to successes like Casatschok, in the following decade she consolidated her notoriety thanks to a prolific collaboration with Wess, with whom she formed for several years a successful vocal duo thanks to songs such as Un corpo e un'anima . Together they also represented Italy at the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest, taking third place in the final standings.

Returning to devote herself entirely to solo activity in the eighties, she got a good response with the song Margherita non lo sa, thanks to which she reached the third position at the Sanremo Festival 1983. After still recording some albums, she had to abandon the recording career in 1990 due to a problem with the vocal cords; from that moment, her forays into the world of music will be sporadic.

Sentimentally linked to the singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André since 1974, they married in 1989 after having lived together the misfortune of the kidnapping by the Anonymous kidnappings in 1979. Since the death of her husband, which occurred in 1999, Dori Ghezzi manages the artistic heritage.


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