Nello Segurini

  • Born: (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)
  • Died: (Anzio, Rome, Lazio, Italy) age 78

Giovanni Segurini, known as Nello, was an Italian composer, conductor and actor.

Tall, always elegant and courteous to everyone, he had a refined way of conducting that sometimes screamed with the banality of the motives entrusted to him. He recorded numerous records and in particular some Neapolitan songs composed by him such as Miss Pummarola and Stu marciapiede a Napule, as well as writing music for some films, radio programs, documentaries, magazines and operettas. Segurini left Italy in the sixties moving to Canada, where in addition to continuing to conduct orchestras, he took care of a private radio station in Toronto, which, both because of his unexpected managerial ability and thanks to his experience, became a very reference point important for many Italian-Canadians.


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